Homemade Facial Masks to Combat Wrinkles

 As we age, the appearance of our skin changes. Fine lines and wrinkles are normal parts of the aging process. Mature skin cells divide more slowly and the dermis, the inner layer of skin, begins thinning. This affects the structure and pliability of skin. Aging skin also has more difficulty retaining moisture, produces less oil, and heals more slowly. Each of these factors contributes to skin wrinkles but homemade facial masks can make these lines less noticeable.

Lifestyle choices can also affect the development of wrinkles. Too much time in the sun damages skin, contributing to wrinkles. Smoking slows production of collagen, a key component of skin structure. Reduced collagen production creates the ideal environment for wrinkle development. Even laughing, frowning, squinting, and other facial expressions can make wrinkles appear more prominent if they are done habitually.

Thankfully, we need not settle for unattractive wrinkles created by nature or caused by our habits. Several natural substances are effective at addressing the issue and are used in homemade treatments:

· Borage seed oil: a natural emollient, this oil reinforces the moisture barrier within the lower epidermis of skin. As an anti-wrinkle mask ingredient, it also helps combat fine lines on the face.

· Egg whites: made from separated eggs, these are used in cleansers, serums, and face masks to tighten and lighten skin

· Fennel essential oil: increases skin elasticity, smoothes wrinkles, and helps to tighten skin, making it the perfect anti-aging facial mask ingredient

· Neroli oil: produced from blossoms of the bitter orange tree, this oil increases the elasticity of mature skin and is included in masks designed for wrinkles and saggy skin

· Sandalwood essential oil: helps to strengthen connective tissue and reduce the appearance of age spots and other skin discoloration. It is combined with other ingredients to create a facial mask with an anti-aging goal

One simple anti wrinkle mask contains five drops of sandalwood oil, ½ cup of full fat milk, and ½ teaspoon of turmeric powder. After boiling the milk, add the remaining ingredients and simmer on low heat for ten minutes. After allowing the mixture to cool, skim the cream from the top and apply this to skin. Leave it on for ten to fifteen minutes, wash off with warm water and pat the face dry. Regular use of homemade facial masks like this one may reduce the appearance of age spots and cause wrinkle depth to decrease, making skin appear more youthful.


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Simple Eye Makeup Tips

Creating a smokey eye makeup effect is extremely simple. You can use any makeup brands and brushes that you already have at home so you wont have to run out and buy anything special to accomplish this look. Following are some great eye make up tips to help you create your perfect smokey eye.

First, you want to start with an eye primer which acts as a base for your smokey eye. You can use an application brush, pad or your fingers to apply evenly. Remember that these are general eye makeup tips and you should always do what works for you.

Next, use a smudgy dark eyeliner to completely line the water edge of your lower lid and also your upper eyelids paying close attention to the areas in between your top lashes. Use a clean smudge brush to softly blend the liner on your lower lid then using the same brush smudge the upper liner blending to the outer corner of your eye.

To bring some warmth to the look, use a warm pink or brown shadow to apply to the eye crease from the outer to inner corners. As a makeup tip, use a thin brush to apply this shadow to keep it in the crease area where you want it. Use a medium brown to shade the area just under your eyebrow. If you feel that pink eye shadow didn’t suit you then you can always try out pitch or light greenish color. Always try to apply that color which suits you the best.

Choosing a silver shadow and using a flat brush, apply the shade in a dabbing motion from the inner part of your upper eyelids to just past the center of your pupil. Next, use a medium gray shadow and lightly dab the center part of your upper eyelid. Last, use a black shadow to lightly apply to the outer corner of your eye and blend in toward the gray center. Use a soft clean brush to lightly blend the outer edges of the shadow over your whole eyelid to create the whole smokey eye make up look.

To finish this look off, reapply eyeliner to the upper eyelid followed by a black or dark mascara. Remember that when using these makeup tips you can work with your own colors and use what is most comfortable for you to create your smokey eye makeup.

By Suzane Dass

Eye MakeUp Tips provides detailed information about Eye MakeUp, Smokey Eye MakeUp, Asian Eye Makeup and more. To Learn more please visit EyeMakeUpTips.blogspot.com.

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