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Q: Where are Yessey Beauty false eyelashes being made?
A: Our false eyelashes are 100% handmade in Indonesia.

Q: Does Yessey Beauty false eyelashes come with glue/adhesive?
A: No, glue/adhesive is sold separately. We carry a wide variety of DUO adhesive, the most preferred and recommended brand by makeup artists.

Q: What are your false eyelashes made of?
A: Our false eyelashes are made of both synthetic and sterilized 100% human hair depending on selected styles.

Q: Why do same styles of lashes sometimes look a little different?
A: Our false eyelashes are 100% handmade, so you may sometimes find slight variations in the same style. That’s why they present a better natural look than many others.

Q: Do you allow makeup artists, bloggers and other beauty professionals to review your products?
A: We welcome positive comments and love to feature your reviews on our website and social media pages. However, due to increasing review requests (we’re extremely flattered), we would like to approve all but it seems almost impossible to do so. So at this time, we can only accommodate if your blog or website has qualifying ranking which MUST be below (1,000,000) according to

Q: How can I purchase in bulk?
A: Regardless if you’re a regular false eyelash user or a makeup artist, we encourage bulk purchase. Not only, it is cost saving for you but also greener for environment. You don’t have to receive multiple packages for the same products you love. We have not incorporated discounted pricing into our current shopping cart. Please email with DESIRED QUANTITIES for pricing information. We guarantee it will be the price you can resist.